13 Polite Things To Say That Will Help You Swerve Toxic Diet Talk

Hey everyone! Great discussion in the last blog- loved hearing about your experiences with diet talk and how you have navigated it :) 

Still feeling lost about exactly what to say at those holiday parties? Some of you reached out and shared your concern for not having specific phrases in your arsenal! Here are a few lines that you can use to change the subject, share information, or explain why you don’t want to talk about diet. Feel free to tweak them as you see fit/make them authentic to you.


13 Polite Things To Say That Will Help You Swerve Toxic Diet Talk!

  • “I can tell you’re really into your new diet, but I feel like talking about it is making it hard for us to enjoy this meal together!”

  • “I don’t think that your breakfast was ‘too big’--I think that it will energize you for this morning meeting.”

  • “Following a diet like that seems like a ton of work, what if you just tried listening to your body’s inner hunger cues?”

  • “Life’s too short to worry about food--let’s just enjoy it instead.”

  • “I think there are more meaningful things that we could spend our time talking about.”

  • “I’m trying not to focus on calories or weight, and have been noticing that I feel a lot better about myself.”

  • “Do the calories in that food really matter if it tastes amazing and makes you feel good?”

  • “I’m doing my best to listen to my body’s needs, and hearing diet talk makes it harder to do.”

  • “Do you really think that would happen? I don’t think eating an extra bread roll would ‘ruin’ anything at all!”

  • “Don’t worry about how many grams of fat it has, all foods fit into a healthy diet.”

  • “I really hate to hear you talk about yourself that way! Why does your dress size matter so much to you?”

  • “I’m happy that you feel great after losing weight, but remember that I love you at any size!”

  • “Let’s talk about something else instead. What are your plans for this weekend?”

Using these phrases won’t be perfect in every situation, but they’re good to have in your back pocket for when you need to interject. Eventually, your productive messages will likely rub off on other people. Help change the social norm from diet talk to more loving, mindful, and body-positive conversations! If you have noticed any differences in your relationships with both food and your loved ones since becoming more mindful of Diet Talk PLEASE share! <3


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