5 Easy Ways to Spread Body Kindness

My favorite read right now is my colleague, Rebecca Scritchfield MA, RDN, HFS, newest book, Body Kindness. Body Kindness is not only a book, but also a movement to improve the quality of life without judgement, food rules or restrictions. 

Body kindness is about feeding your mind, body, and soul with things that lift you, rather than pull you down. Ever notice how diets and food restrictions lead to a downward spiral of negative self talk and destructive behaviors that usually leave you feeling not “good enough”? 

Well, that downward spiral ends here. 

Today we start spiraling up. Body kindness is not just about being good to yourself, it's also about nurturing your most valued relationships with care and sharing your kind spirit with everyone - from the barista to the stranger in the grocery store. Sharing kindness helps happiness grow in everyone involved. Today, I am sharing 5 Easy Ways to Spread Body Kindness, ways you can be good to yourself and others this week and all year long!


How do you plan to spread body kindness? Share with me and be sure to include #bodykindness in what you post! 

5 Easy Ways to Spread Body Kindness

  1. Surprise someone special with a thoughtful gift or note. When we experience surprise our brains light up with positivity. Suddenly the day is brighter, the task is manageable, and life is just a little bit better. You both will experience upward spirals of joy you can take with you the rest of the day.

  2. Schedule at least an hour of me time you "don't deserve". It's easy to put off that massage, a nice long bath, or extra time with a good book because there's always work, cooking, cleaning, exercise, and helping other people. The best way you can engage in all those other important things is by giving yourself some of that time first. Consider it your own personal "happy hour".

  3. Repeat a favorite affirmation or quote 5 times. If you're having a rough day, you can shift the direction in a matter of minutes just by showing your present self some love. Place your hands over your heart, and say something meaningful over and again. Notice the change in your body's energy each time you repeat it.

  4. Host a minimalist potluck. Share happiness over a good meal, but don't even think about cleaning up the place. This is not about showing off, this is about showing up. Just tell everyone to bring a dish around a theme - one of my favorites is "comfort food from childhood". Enjoy sharing stories about the dishes, catch up on life, laugh a little. This is a gentle reminder that your life has meaning.

  5. Buy flowers. Even the cheap stuff at the grocery store will be pretty to look at all week long. We get a dose of happiness looking at something we find beautiful. Every time you look at them, pause and be grateful - that you have a beautiful life, all your efforts for others make a difference, and you can afford flowers! The practice of gratitude builds a sense of optimism you can use to set and achieve goals - whatever they are!

Learn more about Body Kindness and get her free e-course here www.BodyKindnessBook.com

Why We Need Body Kindness?

Here are five mind-blowing stats from the book that just begin to scratch the surface.

download (1).png
  • 97% of women will tell themselves at least “I hate my body” comment each day.

  • Calorie restriction linked to decreased metabolic rate, loss of lean body mass, decreased sexual interest, and changes in brain chemistry that lead to intense food cravings, and many other not-so-sexy side effects.

  • 35% of “normal dieters” progress to pathological dieting. Of those, 20-25% progress to partial or full-syndrome eating disorders.

  • 80% of all 10 year olds afraid of being fat.

  • 69% of elementary school girls say magazine images influence their concept of ideal body shape.


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