5 Small Changes that Equate to BIG Results

Did you set big goals for 2017? Only to realize you are three months in and nowhere near reaching them? If you can relate to this then let me be the first to tell you, you are not alone. This is a common pattern that many people fall into. After setting these big - lofty - goals, we realize...maybe they were a little too unrealistic to actually achieve? 

This thought pattern of setting big goals, then feeling overwhelmed on where to even start, leaves you ready to throw in the towel. You surrender to the idea that maybe “next year” life will be different and you can finally achieve that big - lofty - goal. 

What if I told you the secret to long term change was not in the big goals, but instead is found in small consistent changes? Would you believe me? This month I am sharing five small changes you implement that will bring you closer to those big - lofty - goals...without compromising your current lifestyle or adding more time to your day. 

Are you up for the challenge? 


5 Small Changes that Equate to BIG Results

  1. Start and end your day with a mindfulness practice. This could be a 10 minute morning meditation, 5 minutes at night to write a gratitude list, or a walk in nature- carve it out and make it a routine. This simple practice will help set the tone for your day, bringing mindfulness and attention to the task that needs to be done in order to reach the goals you set.

  2. Reduce excess and minimize your living and work environment by decluttering. This simple change can help you shift from living in a state of overwhelm to more focused and on intentional living. Donate what you don’t use, organize your space, and reduce clutter and noise around you. With a clear space, you will be able to better focus on the goals you have set for yourself.

  3. Indulge in a technology detox. There is no doubt that technology can make life easier. However the constant chatter from social media and emails can add more clutter to your headspace, distracting you from the task essential to reach your goal. Take a tech break and re-assess where you are in relation to your goals. When you re-introduce technology back from your “detox”, observe your social media feeds and email inbox. Does the content on your screen inspire and motivate you? Or does it leave you feeling negative, searching for comparison, and welcoming self doubt?

  4. Aim to eat fruit or vegetables at every meal. This is a sure way to start and end your day with good nutrition and balanced meals. The American diet is usually low in fiber, micronutrients, and vitamins and minerals that are offered in vegetables- if you focus every meal on making sure you get in at least one vegetable you’ll increase these important components and reduce the amount of processed foods.

  5. Leave two bites behind. If weight loss is one of your goals and the idea of eating smaller portions makes you feel like you are on another “diet”, start with simply leaving 2 bites behind at your meals. This simple small change will really add up to a decrease in overall calorie intake and over time, you will see and feel the results!

Reaching a new goal does not have to be complex or complicated, but goals do need to be set with intention, and action will be required daily to reach that goal. Start your day with a simple mindful practice to set your intention and remember your WHY. Need a strategy session to map out how you can achieve your goal? Contact me today!


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