A Few of Our Favorite Things

To round out our anniversary month, we wanted to share some of our favorite things with our favorite people - YOU! These are some things that we here at NourishRX use on a daily basis to unwind and stay refreshed. There are also some random things that make our lives easier and more convenient. We’ve also incorporated some of our favorite products that we recommend to clients to help them in their journey.

And speaking of journey’s, we really appreciate you being here, joining us for ours :)

While they are not all nutrition / food / body image related, we hope that these products help you to simplify and destress the way that they do for us. 

In celebration of our anniversary, we'll be gifting one lucky winner an assortment of some of these amazing products. Be sure to head over to our Instagram page to "LIKE" our posts and to be entered to win!


1. Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer

"My garden produced more zucchini than I know what to do with this year and having this spiralizer has made crafting meals a cinch!. It's not just for zucchini either, you can spiralize sweet potato, beets, butternut squash. It comes with different attachments for smaller and larger cuts too. The best part? It's SUPER easy to clean!" Ryann

2. Coloring Books

"It's a good day when I have time to color a picture in one of my coloring books. It helps me relax and I love including colored pictures in letters or gifts to family or friends as a personal touch." Gina

"Coloring is one of my favorite recommendations for clients to help them distract and relax." Ryann

3. Body Kindness: Transform Your Health from the Inside Out--and Never Say Diet Again

"This is officially my most frequently purchased book. I think I’ve gifted a copy (to clients and friends) well over a dozen times, so it was an obvious addition to this list." Ryann

4. Mindful Eating Cards

"Our friend , Fiona Sutherland, The Mindful Dietitian at Body Positive Australia created these inspirational cards as a way to help clients be more aware of their eating behaviors and to remain mindful during mealtimes. If you are someone who is working on Intuitive Eating, these gentle reminders can help support and keep you present." Ryann

5. Audible App 

"I’m obsessed with ordering books off Amazon, but as a busy mom and business owner find it incredibly challenging to carve out enough time in my day to actually enjoy them. With Audible, I can FINALLY read / listen to all of the books in my library while I spend hours running errands and commuting around in my car. Equal parts relaxation and multitasking ;)." Ryann

6, 88 Acres Maple Roasted Sunflower Seed Butter

"Ever since 88 Acres sponsored one of our corporate nutrition talks I haven't been able to live without this seed butter! My favorite way to have it is in my morning oatmeal topped with a scoop of seed butter, chia seeds and sliced banana. It adds the perfect amount of sweetness and an amazing flavor." Katrina

7. The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

"I love this journal! Start and end each day with gratitude. Personally I'm one that feels overwhelmed by blank pages in a journal and these structured pages with prompts help me focus on positivity and start each day in a good space." Ryann

"One of my favorite ways to relax and de-stress is to journal. I like to make lists of things I'm thankful for, write about my day, or about future goals. Another great way for me to wind down or to feel creative and inspired is to browse different quotes on Pinterest and write them out in different handwriting in my journals." Gina

8. Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm

"You will not catch me without chap stick on me! Burt's Bees is an all time favorite of mine and has been my go to chap stick for years. It has a hint of peppermint smell which isn't too overpowering and lasts throughout the day!" Katrina

"I love the Burt's Bees 100% Natural Tinted Lip Balm which moisturizes while adding a touch of color. Perfect for a busy work day!" Ryann

9. Raspberry Rose Polar Seltzer Water

"So many refreshing flavors to choose from, it's hard to pick a favorite! You'll rarely find me without a seltzer water but in the summer, Raspberry Rose is my jam!" Courtney

(not shown above)

10. Trader Joe's Refresh Citrus Body Wash 

"Perfect scent for summer especially after a long day at the beach!" Courtney

11. Kind Breakfast Protein Bars

"I love having these bars for a snack during the day or if I'm in a rush, I'll add peanut butter and raisins on top with a glass of milk for a speedy and satisfying breakfast! For a store-bought granola bar they definitely have a homemade taste like they were just baked!" Courtney

12. Clue App

"I love my Clue app. Clue is a period tracker that tracks a variety of symptoms (aches/pains, mood, digestion, appetite, sleep, energy, motivation, cold/flu). It helps me make connections between physical and mental symptoms during my cycle to help me understand how my body works and what it needs." Gina

13. NourishRX water bottle

"If you are someone that has a hard time remembering to stay hydrated, this is the PERFECT water bottle for you! We’ve designed it with time markers to remind you to consume fluids throughout the day." Ryann

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