Beware of “Diet Talk”: How Do YOU Navigate Diet Talk In Your Social Circles?

As we head into the start of the holiday weekend, I wanted to leave you with the last blog in our “Diet talk” series. Thank you guys for the awesome conversation; I've enjoyed sharing with you all!

Let's dive into the diet talk conversation one last time, shall we? While this diet talk banter has been normalized and rewarded in today’s society, it doesn’t mean people are immune to its negative effects. While comments like “I really need to stop eating sugar” and “OMG, my face looks so chubby in that picture” may seem harmless, they perpetuate unhealthy thoughts about food, body image, and overall health.

The easiest (and probably most natural) response to self-sabotage is simply to go along with it—agree with your friend or add a comment of your own. However, that’s really only making the problem worse. Picture this: you’re at a holiday party with your friends, one mentions that she’s being “good” by avoiding the cookies, and the rest of the group PRAISES her!

“That’s right girl!” “Go YOU for not giving into temptation”!!

(and the crowd goes wild)


All of a sudden, the delicious cookie that you ate five minutes earlier has made you “bad” and potentially less “strong”. Now what? You might feel guilty for eating it, you might regret it, you might avoid having any more treats for the rest of the night, or you might come to the conclusion that your eating for the day has been “ruined” and proceed to eat cookies until you feel ill. None of these outcomes seem all that great.

Has something like this scenario ever happened to you? If so, how did you handle it? How can you defend your own feelings and choices and try to change the mindset of your friends without coming off condescending?  I have my own thoughts, but right now I really want to hear YOURS!


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