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Diet Buzz Words

Consider this post a personal PSA to you.

As a dietitian I am constantly bombarded with these “buzz words;” it’s just the nature of the diet-obsessed world we live in. They are so much a part of our language that we’ve become desensitized to them so much so that these conversations have become commonplace and even expected. We want to arm you with the knowledge to see through this diet culture BS and better understand the science backing up what could potentially be harmful - not helpful - to your health.

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4 Reasons Counting Calories Does More Harm than Good and 10 Things You Can Do Instead

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt so consumed with calorie counting that you start to no longer see food for food, but as instead as a total number of calories. Instead of choosing foods because they are your favorites or because you know they are going to look and taste good and be satisfying, you choose them because the “number” is appealing or maybe the calories in that food item are so low that you feel that the food item is “better” suited for your diet.

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Can I Eat That?

Everywhere we turn, we find ourselves bombarded with this banter: from the media, diet books, family members, friends, even teachers and healthcare providers. “You ate vegetables? That’s GOOD! You ate ice cream yesterday? Well you probably shouldn’t have it again today...” Seems that food is either right or wrong, good or bad, dirty or clean these days…

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Break-up with Dieting and Heal Your Relationship with Food FOR GOOD

Get started with Intuitive Eating and say goodbye to diets for good.

We are all born with the innate ability to be intuitive eaters. As babies, we cry when we are hungry. We purse our lips and shake our heads in disagreement when we’re no longer interested in food. We know when to start and when to stop eating. Over time, there are many factors that may interrupt this natural cycle of eating, such as parental influences, dieting beliefs, clean plate club philosophy, and cultural stigma placed on food. We begin to ignore those natural signals by avoiding or restricting foods or food groups; ultimately hindering our ability to listen to our bodies Intuitive eating focuses on nourishing your body and learning to reconnect with those natural signals to self regulate, allowing you to find a weight that your body is meant to thrive at (not just a number you are seeking).

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Give Yourself Unconditional Permission To Eat

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “cheat”? Often we associate this word with words like “wrong”, “dishonest”, “shameful”, or “bad”. We are constantly disadvantaging ourselves just by categorizing any sort of food consumption with the word “cheat”. It’s likely that you immediately associate negative feelings with whatever “cheat” food choice you make, regardless of the food. By labeling foods, or even whole meals, with this terminology we are surrendering all of the power to the food. This means we are giving up our own control, and often landing ourselves in an endless cycle of binging and restricting.

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Beware of “Diet Talk”: How Do YOU Navigate Diet Talk In Your Social Circles?

Let's dive into the diet talk conversation one last time, shall we? While this diet talk banter has been normalized and rewarded in today’s society, it doesn’t mean people are immune to its negative effects. While comments like “I really need to stop eating sugar” and “OMG, my face looks so chubby in that picture” may seem harmless, they perpetuate unhealthy thoughts about food, body image, and overall health.

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13 Polite Things To Say That Will Help You Swerve Toxic Diet Talk

Still feeling lost about exactly what to say at those holiday parties? Some of you reached out and shared your concern for not having specific phrases in your arsenal! Here are a few lines that you can use to change the subject, share information, or explain why you don’t want to talk about diet. Feel free to tweak them as you see fit/make them authentic to you.

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Four Successful Strategies To Combat Dreadful Diet Talk

Hey guys! With the holidays in full effect I wanted to take a moment to chat about “Diet talk.” This will be the first of three posts on the topic - so stay tuned for more ;-) While this banter isn’t exclusive to the holidays, I do seem to notice an uptick in frequency given all of the gatherings and celebrations that occur during this time. Let's take a moment to equip ourselves and challenge the chatter, shall we?

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Social Media and Your Health: The Harmful & Helpful

Social media sites have become such a huge part of our day-to-day lives that I've now taken to incorporate asking about frequency of use and types of accounts followed in my assessment process with clients. Originally, it started as a way to connect with old friends and see what they are up to. More recently, it has turned into a habit that can make or break your day and leave you feeling insecure. But it doesn't have to! Here we highlight a few common pitfalls and ways that we can navigate around them in a healthy way. Let's get started!

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