Four Successful Strategies To Combat Dreadful Diet Talk

Hey guys! With the holidays in full effect I wanted to take a moment to chat about “Diet talk.” This will be the first of three posts on the topic - so stay tuned for more ;-) While this banter isn’t exclusive to the holidays, I do seem to notice an uptick in frequency given all of the gatherings and celebrations that occur during this time. Let's take a moment to equip ourselves and challenge the chatter, shall we?


Here are four diet talk combating strategies that I share with my clients:

  • Tighten your circle. Avoid spending time with people who focus on diet talk and negative body image on a regular basis. This may be difficult, but cutting out negative influences will ultimately leave you feeling happier.

  • Warn your close friends before social events that you would rather not discuss diet, weight, food, or any other potentially negative topics. That way, they aren’t caught off guard when you try to shut it down.

  • Decide to ignore it – not everyone is open to changing their mindset, and being too assertive could make people feel uncomfortable. If you decide it’s not the time to interject, simply wait for the conversation to move on or steer it to a non-diet topic.

  • Provide positive insight about mindful eating. This makes it clear that you don’t want to focus on diet, and may help spread body-positive messages.

What about you? Have you successfully shifted diet talk? Share your own strategies! We all benefit by sticking together with this ;-)


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