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10 Things Not to Say to Someone with an Eating Disorder

Do you know or suspect someone with an eating disorder and just don’t know what to do? Maybe you notice them skipping meals, picking at their food, exercising obsessively or perhaps tubs of ice cream and boxes of cookies or cereal mysteriously go missing. Maybe they suddenly eliminate foods and go vegetarian, vegan or keto (whatever the diet de jour may be); or you find them standing over a kitchen counter, polishing off that cake you’d been saving. If any of this sounds familiar, this person is likely struggling with their relationship with food and should seek help if they haven’t already.

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Three Ways to Conquer Fear Foods in Eating Disorder Recovery

Total food freedom is being able to eat spontaneously and regularly, with enjoyment and without restrictions. Fear foods can look different for everyone in eating disorder recovery. Most often they are the foods that you truly enjoy the most, even though the eating disorder may have convinced you that you no longer like them. Facing your fear foods takes courage and persistence, but it’s always worth it.

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