Getting Started with Intuitive Eating

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We are all born with the innate ability to be intuitive eaters. As babies, we cry when we are hungry. We purse our lips and shake our heads in disagreement when we’re no longer interested in food. We know when to start and when to stop eating. Over time, there are many factors that may interrupt this natural cycle of eating, such as parental influences, dieting beliefs, clean plate club philosophy, and cultural stigma placed on food. We begin to ignore those natural signals by avoiding or restricting foods or food groups; ultimately hindering our ability to listen to our bodies Intuitive eating focuses on nourishing your body and learning to reconnect with those natural signals to self regulate, allowing you to find a weight that your body is meant to thrive at (not just a number you are seeking).

Intuitive Eating is about creating a healthy relationship with food, mind and body. Deeply rooted in research, intuitive eating will help you learn to LISTEN to your body again, as well as nourish and nurture it. By doing so, you learn to heal from the dieting cycle and rekindle your trust in your body’s ability to manage food. When we give ourselves the freedom to eat what we want without the threat of restricting in the future, we eventually overcome the urge to overeat in the moment. We find balance. No need to eat excessively, we can eat that food again the next time we want it. Your body (and your metabolism) will thank you for this shift ;-)

Intuitive Eating is comprised of 10 Principles that all revolve around the central hub of satisfaction. When we are truly satisfied with the foods that we are eating, we no longer experience deprivation - our needs for food have been fulfilled.

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