IMAGINE...Working with your body instead of fighting AGAINST it.

LIBERATING yourself from the diets and "rules" that keep you stuck.

TRANSFORMING your relationship with food, one bite at a time. 

You are not alone. We're here to help. 



"Oh my goodness. I cannot say enough about how meeting with Ryann these last 6 months has helped me to know and understand the roots of my lifelong eating disorder and struggle with weight. Ryann is an amazing listener. She is not afraid of emotions; she is straightforward and honest and unafraid of the struggle. There is no shame, no judgement - only moment upon moment of helping me to understand myself and my relationship with food. I am finally learning, with Ryann's guidance and knowledge, to notice and attend to the REAL hunger while at the same time nurturing and feeding my body into health."

CHANGE starts here.

END destructive dieting cycles and let the healthy you EMERGE

Our eating disorder nutrition services were specially designed with our clients needs in mind. We recognize that eating disorder recovery is a lot of work and that individual nutrition visits alone may not be enough support. These services were designed to provide ongoing support to our clients between visits in a variety of options to suit your specific needs.


All the tips and tools you need to successfully plan your week ahead.
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In between visits, virtual counseling, Recovery Record review, email support and more.
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One-on-one counseling with a Registered Dietitian in person or online.
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