Ryann was really terrific with my teenage daughter, who has had lifelong struggles with food - she was patient, deliberate, and warm as they went through her history. Even better, Ryann did not set unrealistic overwhelming goals but rather set out a plan of agreed upon baby steps get her to a better place. We are encouraged and hopeful!
— Mother of teenage client
When I first started with Ryann, I was sure this would be just another of the dry, count-your -calories kind of dietitians I’d seen in the past. How wrong I was! Ryann brings a warmth and bright sense of humor, plus deep personal commitment to her work that is totally engaging and encouraging. I am so glad to have Ryann on my health team, after each meeting I have a renewed sense of hope and commitment that I know I will reach my goal in a healthy, life affirming way. With Ryann, there is no failure, only a recommitment to the process. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Rebecca, client
Ryann has put me on a plan like nothing else I have tried before. I am already feeling the benefits after 4 days. I can’t wait to see how great I feel in a month! Her philosophy and knowledge is sound and inspiring.
— Valerie, client
Katrina has a sane approach to good nutrition and weight loss. She was kind, she put me at ease and did not make me feel ashamed about bad eating habits and being overweight. This approach combined with her vast knowledge of nutrition, made me feel that I could accomplish long overdue healthier habits — and learn something in the process! What a terrific program! I’m inspired!
— Marcia, client
Oh my goodness. I cannot say enough about how meeting with Ryann theses last 6 months has helped me to know and understand the roots of my lifelong eating disorder and struggle with weight. She has helped me not only recognize unhealthy patterns and relationship with food but also has lead me to amazing insights and self awareness through dialogue. Ryann is an amazing listener. She is not afraid of emotions; she is straightforward and honest while at once extremely compassionate, supportive, and wise. She is also patient, kind and unafraid of the struggle. There is no shame, no judgement - only moment upon moment of helping me to understand myself and my relationship with food. I am 60 yo and have tried everything in the book to “control” my weight my entire life. I am finally learning with Ryann’s guidance and knowledge, to notice and attend to the REAL hunger while at the same time nurturing and feeding my body into health.
— Rita, client